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Putting this here because of the good old days. I just finished a 7-season rewatch of Burn Notice. It has some legit problems (#Miamisowhite) but I think it was one of the best shows on TV for its time. It had two and sometimes three women in lead roles, and they were none of them beautiful teenagers. Jeffrey Donovan did well with the material he was given. And it had Bruce Campbell, one of the finest natural comedic actors around, and Coby Bell's mouth, have I mentioned Coby Bell's mouth? And his eyebrows? *fans self*

Also, I want to be Fiona Glenanne. I want to be Fiona Glenanne so bad. Anyway. Here's a fic without Fiona in it. Haha.

Title: You will disappear some day like that
Author: Zara Hemla
Fandom: Burn Notice
Summary: Chickens always head for the door.

You learn what you are, but slowly )
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Apparently I was in the fic-writing mood, because I have filled the three kind requests made of me yesterday.

01, requested by [ profile] voleuse, was Gossip Girl, with Serena and Vanessa being awkward. Haha, most of the awkwardness here is on Serena's side, but what the hey.

And that Vanessa might have -- when she (Serena) was going out with Dan herself -- might have -- )

02, requested by [ profile] misslucyjane, was Fringe, Walter & Olivia friendship. I think even though Walter was a Bad Bad Man at one time, Olivia can see that he has changed now.

She isn't sure how it happened: )

03, requested by [ profile] vivien529, was some Bones with Angela and Hodgins being hot, preferably with one another. This isn't quite what she meant, I assume, but there you are. This is set earlier in the series, while Angela is going thru her celibate phase.

He is usually a stickler about doing his work during work, and it's easy because he loves it, but thinking about Angela being celibate is driving him insane. )

If you want to request a drabble, drop a line, there might be some juice still left in my brain.
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Yuletide authors are up! So I'll reveal that I wrote two stories:

1) officially the one I wrote is called We will fix our hearts over and it's for Cam. It's a FNL fic, set in season 4, and Cam wanted lots of Street and Riggins and Lyla, but because it's set in season 4 there is more of the former two than the latter. Poor Lyla, she's just not on Tim's list of Things What Make Me Happy.

2) I also wrote a little story called That common consolation because I saw that my girl Viv was on the default list and I couldn't stand that she might not have a story. Of course it turned out that she got like ten stories, so hurray for the awesomeness of pinch-hitters. But this is her best Fringe one, if I may say so myself. (Ha.) It is, obvs., some Peter & Olivia shipping, because that's what Viv wanted and well, in my finer moments, I want it too.

This was a great yuletide. I got just the kind of story I wanted, and I also extended myself a little and doubled my writing output. Hurray!
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Names just went up on Yuletide, so I will note that this year I wrote Mad Women, which is a story in the Mad Men universe. People liked it decently, I think.

I have written for Yuletide for, uh, *counts on fingers* six years now, and this is my favorite year (for other peoples' writings, not for what I got, because dude, every year I get something so great). There were SO MANY AWESOME FICS this year. The stuff I like and recommend is constantly getting updated at my little delicious page. I'm sure once I find out what you all have written, it will go up there too. These are just fandoms I'm familiar with at the moment.
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This came out the way it came out because of the character whose point of view it is from. And yet I still like it even though it's fairly stilted and stiff. Also, I will leave the stories of B-squared getting it on to those of you who are so good at it. I like UST resolution as much as the next squealing fangirl, but I also really really just kind of like them the way they are.


Title: Zack in Iraq, and other stories
Author: Zara Hemla
Site: If
Fandom: Bones
Rating: PG13
Summary: And Zack is, but they don't.

In Basra they took his name away and he became Addy. )
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So I wrote this. And anyway, I apologize for the long blocks of text. I personally would rather read long blocks than fics I have read where the whole thing is an inner monologue but each sentence is one line. That drives me bugfuck. (There, that set the tone. This is more violent than my usual fare but I felt sort of driven to it by the movie.)

title: a moment, elaborate and weak
author: zara hemla
fandom: mysterious skin
rating: r. special warning for the subject of child molestation.
summary: hutchinson, kansas; a children's playground; a boy with a bottomless pit where his heart should be.

I don't think it's in me to be safe. I'm a guy who courts disaster. )


Mar. 7th, 2008 08:45 pm
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Dude, my Friday night is SO BORING. So boring that I've been digging around through old files in order to delete them. And I found a fic. It was mostly done so I polished it up a bit! I think that a long time ago, I asked [ profile] winter_baby to beta it for me, which is why I must still like it.

Anyway it's a Supernatural fic (yes, I must add to the piles and piles of dreck out there), set pre-series, with Dean picking a fight with all and sundry 'cause his brother is gone off to law school. Mmmm... Dean and violence. Checkity check it.

title: gravedigger
author: zara hemla
fandom: supernatural
rating: r
summary: where's a boy with bad intentions / gonna settle down?

This is a story with mummified pretzels in it. )
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Well, I caught last night's FNL, and there was a little bit of it that I said should happen! That's right! I said it should happen, and it did! I can write TV with the power of my mind!

Anyway, a little ficlet. Because of my super mind powers.

Title: A model of mercy and might
Author: zara hemla
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Rating: R
Summary: But Tim is Tim is Tim.

He wouldn't know how to get on if someone told him no. )
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Holy cow, I am posting this now, because I am so tired of wondering whether [ profile] winter_baby will like it or not. This took forever to write! Why must I create such epic masterpieces! And the tone seems to change between beginning and end, but that's because it took me like two solid months to write.

Eeannnyway, this is a graduation present for my faithful BNF LJ friend, Ms. Winter "I Want To Make Out With A Guy Whose Last Name Is Gryll" Baby. Dark Angel. Max and Alec. I hope I didn't screw up and write Mac and Alex, which is a whole 'nother story, but I started getting way confused at the end.

Title: In the backseat of a black jeep on a back street
Author: Zara Hemla
Site: If
Fandom: Dark Angel
Rating: R
Summary: Don't make us go through this all again.

Alec considers wearily that his legendary charm had probably led him to this point. It seems to have backfired in a major way. )
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Yeah, so. I'll probably regret this. It's cheezy and even though I've thought it through for two weeks, it is still a bit awkward. Will [ profile] winter_baby be the only one to read it? Will she even read it? Will it scar people? Once again, I blame my brain for everything.

title: loss aversion
author: zara hemla
fandom: casino royale (takes place after the movie)
for the [ profile] nothing_hip prompt, "unwritten"

loss aversion: the tendency to prefer not to lose, rather than prefer to win )
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For those people who are interested, the story I wrote for Remix Redux is called Where Steel & Water Collide (the Black-Eyed Daughter remix).

It's Veronica Mars, Veronica/Mac, a remix of an interesting AU by [ profile] soundingsea called Where Steel & Water Collide, obviously. In the AU, Cassidy kills Logan and then brags to Veronica about killing her father. She in turn kills him (Cassidy), then panics and takes off for parts unknown with Mac. I had fun writing it even though it didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.
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This here is for [ profile] nothing_hip, prompt is from the Goo Goo Dolls song, "Slide." Which, for the record, I loathe, and have loathed, ever since 1998. Thank you, John Rzeznick, for creating such a black hole of stupidity.

title: the time difference
author: zara hemla
rating: pg
fandom: friday night lights.
summary: you live with all your faults.

It's sloppy, that's what it is. )
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Wrote this for [ profile] nothing_hip, prompt of "Since U Been Gone." Ell oh ell.

Fandom: The Black Donnellys
Rating: PG-13 to R

Warnings: This contains spoilers for Monday's episode, "In Each One A Savior." Also contains derogatory & racist terms. The character thinks that way; this does not reflect my personal views.

A leader had to convince himself, because no one else could, that he was invincible. )
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Yeah, so, I got tired of reading PWP fics where people have sex for no reason. I know!!!! But it seems like every fic is like that now. So I wrote a FNL fic, admittedly to assuage a craving for Riggins, but it's a friendship fic, more or less. Yea verily. Riggins and Tyra, post-barfight in "I Think We Should Have Sex."

Title: The Big Carry On
Author: zara hemla (shutupmulder at yahoo dot com)
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Rating: R

'Of course you can,' she says, still staring at his hands. 'You always have.' )
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International women's day! What? Isn't every day women's day?? Hee hee

Well, [ profile] voleuse posted up 5 fics she'd written with female protagonists, so I thought that would be fun. Most of you have probably read these! But you can go revisit them. They're a li'l lonely and dusty.

01. +more days like this+ (Buffy).
I don't even really remember writing this one, but rereading it, I kind of like it. It's very formal, the way Buffy and Angelus deal with each other, like enemy countries trying to negotiate a truce.

02. Remind Him (Gladiator).
Seems like most of my fics involve turning a guy down, one way or another. Huh. At the time, I just liked the idea of Maximus going down on his knees. Yeah, you heard me.

03. In Winter (The Last Samurai).
I admired Taka in that movie more than I can say. So much that I watched that wretched film many more times than I ought to have (but I always quit after the springtime scenes :D)

04. Bridge Across the Maybe Sea (Spirited Away).
Lin is a contradiction in the film -- an adult who often acts like a child. I wondered why she'd have such a childish outlook, but maybe she was brought to the bathhouse as a child, herself, and aged slowly.

05. Tres Cher! (The Office US).
Over the summer, Kelly went (in my own estimation) from being a stereotype to a real person. So I wrote this fic in honor of her.
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A new community that is posting up segments of "Moby Dick": [ profile] the_white_whale. How cool is that? People, Moby Dick is AWESOME. It is one of the awesomest books ever written. Seriously! I just hope Mr. Melville doesn't get bored and stop posting before the end :D

And ... the fic year in review thing, because I like to have my fic all categorized and stuff.

Total # of Stories: 16
Total # of Fandoms: 5
Total # of Words: approximately 18,400
Total # of Stories Still Anonymous: none

by fandom etc. )
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And so, the magic is over, the guessing is done, and for Yuletide I churned out Of Mice and Myth, which is set more or less in the universe of "The Long Dark Teatime Of the Soul." When I read the book again, it seemed almost impossible that I could pull a miracle out of such a contained universe, but a fortuitous viewing of "Hitchhikers Guide" (which was terrible) at least got me thinking about the confluences of events in the universe. Anyway.

The story that was written for me was Not To Fear Infinity, by [ profile] elishavah, set in early Spooks, talking about what might have happened to Tom and Christine (and what is still happening to Ruth). It's really a great fic.
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This, I suppose, could be a good time to mention that I wrote a fic called The Last Word for [ profile] yankeeficswap. It's got Dwight and he's out for REVENGE against that jerkface Jim Halpert. And [ profile] winter_baby betaed it because she is a kind soul who has pity on me. That is all.
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Tomorrow is [ profile] winter_baby's birthday, but I may be off doing stuff tomorrow, I'm not sure, Fridays aren't so great for me. So here is your present early, Ms. Kate! This came about all because of the picspam of THAT SMILE. You know what I'm talking about.

title: take it easy (love nothing)
author: zara hemla (
fandom: veronica mars
rating: r (I tried to amp it up to nc17, but you know how much I suck at that!)
summary: for winter_baby on the occasion of her birthday.

Dear Winter baby! I apologize for all the stupid parts of this story; you know that long stories that require lots of thinking & coincidences are not my forte. But I wanted to do it for you! So forgive me please if any of it is stultifying.

Welcome to radio silence. )