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For [ profile] remix_redux, someone remixed "The Halfway Girl" for me into The Halfway Girl (The Uncle Oscar Is at It Again Remix), and if you wanted to know where Michael had to go while George Michael and Maeby were cleaning out the banana stand's register, trust me, you want to know, go forth and read!! A flaming prosthetic hand is involved, and I must say no more.

Other fun stories:

01. The Job (Big Little Man Mourning Remix) (Firefly). This story reads SUPER familiarly, and if it turns out to be written by one of my regulars, I'm not going to be a bit surprised. It's a Jayne story, as he has to contemplate burying Wash after the movie, and it's super sad without being emo in the least. I love it.

02. Fic: An Angel in Flight (Slow Fall Remix) (Gilmore Girls). Since this is a remix of a story that was written for me, I have to mention it. It's a fun remix of the story from Rory's POV.

03. Game Over (Like The Rifle Remix) (BSG). Now this one is REALLY great and original, taking a snip of a drabble and expanding it into this great story of two orphan boys taken onto Galactica. Read it right now!

04. Fic: A Sunny Day In Tartarus (The Nameless Things Remix) (BSG). A great Lee/Kara fic. YES, I STILL LOVE LEE & KARA. Okay.

05. Fic: Standing by the Ocean’s Roar (The Beach, Boys Remix) (Veronica Mars). Weevil meets up with Gia and Logan on the beach, snark ensues, and then there's this oddly tender moment between Weevil and Gia that's totally awesome.

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